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Oiltemperature gauge VDO "VISION" 50°-150° (52 mm)

Oiltemperature gauge VDO "VISION" 50°-150° (52 mm)

SKU: OK11548
Oiltemperature gauge VDO "VISION" 50°-150° (52 mm)
84,50 €
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SKU: OK11548

Oiltemperature gauge VDO "VISION" 50°-150° (52 mm)

With an air-cooled engine, the engine temperature is very important, and what is our surprise;
Volkswagen has never taken this into account, even a simple warning light that warns you
when the temperature is too high is not present.

If each air-cooled engine had an oil temperature gauge on board, engine overhaul companies would have less work to do.
All the more reason to take measures to this end by installing an oil temperature gauge that constantly monitors your engine
for overheating.
The VDO instrument mentioned here has an integrated size of 52 mm, operating on 12 volts,
and is equipped with bright lighting and supplied without the sender.
The most favourable oil temperature is 90° Celsius, it can reach 120°C, above which it becomes critical.

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)
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