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Type2 Split Bay T25 T4 Front/ Rear Lap Seatbelt OEM Part-No. 111857704C

Type2 Split Bay T25 T4 Front/ Rear Lap Seatbelt OEM Part-No. 111857704C

SKU: OK10557
Rear Lap Seatbelt for All T2 and T3
38,00 €
Final price* , plus shipping costs
SKU: OK10557

A new lap belt for the front and/or rear seats. The lap belt is an essential safety component for the safety of vehicle occupants. The belt goes around the person's hips and the locking mechanism prevents the belt and the person from moving in the event of a collision.
Suitable for all VW Type 2 Split Bay T25/ T1 T2 T3 and T4 buses with the appropriate seat and bench seat.
Installation instructions: The mounting points for the lap belts are located both at the front and rear of the vehicle.  Before installation, the fastening points for the lap belts should be carefully checked for stability and condition. The positioning of the belts should ensure that the hips are properly covered and that there are no sharp edges or twists. Finally, the strength of the belts and their parts should always be tested and ensured for optimum protection.
Note: Regularly inspect your belts for wear and function.
You can find further information from us on our block under Montage- und Einbautipps. If you have any further questions, please contact a specialist or an authorized workshop.
OEM-Number: 111857704C

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