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Type2 Bay Door Bumpers of 20 BUS-ok Exclusive Top OEM-Partno. 361867425

Type2 Bay Door Bumpers of 20 BUS-ok Exclusive Top OEM-Partno. 361867425

SKU: OK63965
Type2 bay Door Card Bung Bag of 20 BUS-ok exclusiv Top OEM partnr. 361867425
PC x 20
7,40 €
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SKU: OK63965

Here you find the bumpers for the door panels. Many people still offer the beetle bumpers as "always fitting", but unfortunately this is not true, because the bumpers are pressed in and so they are usually pressed into the door together with the door clip or, in the worst case, damage the door trim when removing it.
Our bumpers are suitable for the VW Type 2 Bay/ T2 bus.

This product was developed by us because the bumpers available so far. Our previously offered bumpers had the right diameter, but unfortunately the wrong hardness, and at the head the door trim was the decisive milimetre further out.
So we had a tool built on the basis of the original and could thus also determine the hardness/softness of the grommets according to the original.  We have achieved this goal, and now we can offer not only the original clamps (yup, not even Beetles), but also the matching bumpers in original quality.

And again, who made it, BUS-ok, we don't adorn ourselves with false feathers!

OEM-Number: 361867425

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)
PC x 20
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